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Fitch & McAndrew

Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew are a husband and wife team of nine years, each with a previous twelve years of individual practice before we combined forces. We make slipware pots from our workshop at home in the Galloway countryside.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

We draw influence from the ancient British folk heritage of country pottery, whose makers demonstrated extraordinary, intuitive skill, a high benchmark to aspire to. Tradition develops and moves forward: our work references classical form, while embracing contemporary style, ensuring that it is not pastiche, but very much ‘of our time’.

Tools & Materials

From our garden workshop we use traditional materials of red clay and natural, earth tone slips to create our pots. Our techniques too are rooted in history, using the potter’s wheel and liquid clays to decorate our pots.

Examples of work

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Offer for Spring Fling Friends

Spring Fling Friends receive a 5% discount




1 Auchenvey Cottages, Corsock, Castle Douglas DG7 3ED


Parking Spaces: 5


The showroom has one step, then two up into one part of the workshop and two down into the other part.

Price Range

– £1,800

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