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Hetal Chudasama

My creative process is multi-disciplinary in its nature. Having adopted this fluidity, I’m able to move between a variety of media and methods and focus on creating immersive environments. My past work consists of large scale site-specific installations often ephemeral in nature. They include audio-video material, paintings, text and sculptural forms etc. A lot of my creative practice is informed by experiences of conflicts and unresolved tensions between or within a community. While some areas of my interest lead to research-based body works, I also create works based purely on exploration of creative expressions and forms.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

Currently, my main focus has been with woodcut printmaking. I’m working with a combination of woodcuts and multiple woodblock arrangements to create an image. Experimenting with forms, colours and exploring possibilities that the material holds in itself. I’m making my prints using blocks which consist of inherited pieces of furniture and various household objects. Each objects carries a hidden history embedded within it. By incorporating them in various creative arrangements I’m hoping to find new visual narratives.

Tools & Materials

I use a variety of tools and materials depending on a project. My current preoccupation with woodcut printing requires specific sets of tools and raw material. I use found bits of hard wood, old furniture surfaces and plywood. I use a set of Japanese woodcutting tools to cut my surfaces but before I get to the surface I use high-powered tools, such as sander, electric drill, table saw etc. to create the shapes and the right surfaces I require in order to achieve a desired result. But apart from that my process is pretty much free of heavy machinery or digital intervention. For reference, I rely on wood itself. Each work begins as a drawing, and choosing the right wood. From then onward the work almost flows between, wood cutting, inking, and finally several trials of proofing before final printing begins. I use a baren to take the impression of the image. The application of the ink and the pressure on the paper through the baren determine the quality of colours and final print. I use oil-based ink, and for paper I rely entirely on three different makes of Japanese mulberry.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

Workshops or talks during the days leading to the Spring Fling.
Create your own exercises on the days of Spring Fling.

Offer for Spring Fling Friends

10 % discount on selected paintings and limited editions




Blacknest Studios, Blacknest House, Thornhill, DG35DW


Parking Spaces: 4


The main studio space is on the ground floor and is an easy to access space, however, there is a steep single step that can be a hindrance for a wheelchair. There will also be an exhibition to view in the attic space which accessed by a narrow wooden staircase, so is not accessible by a wheelchair.

Evening Openings

Saturday / Sunday

Price Range

– £2,000

Contact Info

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