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Lorna Phillips

I am an emerging ceramic artist. I create work that investigates a place, using the local clay as a creative means to explore the landscape of that place and the stories hidden beneath the surface.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

My practice sits between contemporary art and craft ceramics. I make sculptures and functional ware. The sculptures are often abstracted depictions of areas of landscape, and lie somewhere between a large vessel and a topographic map. The functional ware is minimal and incorporates wild clays to form the textures and colours of the pots.
I am influenced by historical ceramics and the techniques and forms that have been used throughout history by different communities. I have a keen interest in archaeology and the narratives that can be discovered within buried ceramic fragments. I hope to bring to light some of these stories from past communities through my work.

Tools & Materials

For my sculptural work I often use hand-building techniques such as coiling and slab building. This is a slower process that allows me to build the forms gradually. For my functional ware I tend to throw on the wheel and enjoy the movement that this brings to the work.
Sourcing and processing local clays is an important part of my practice. Using these new materials brings a constant source of inspiration and experimentation to my work.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

I will be showing the processes involved in my making and sharing the archaeological research involved in my practice.




1 Auchenvey Cottages, Corsock, Castle Douglas, DG7 3ED


Parking Spaces: 6


There is one step up into the shed.

Price Range

– £500

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