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Sheena McCurrach

My studio is located within the original stone buildings of Blates Mill itself. Formerly this part of the mill would have been a store where corn sacks and flour were stored. Now it provides a creative space, overlooking the old ruins, home to many nesting birds and other wildlife. The studio measures approximately 20m long x 4 m wide. There are two windows, the largest overlooking the four walls of the mill building which once contained all the moving parts necessary for the milling of oats and corn, once driven by an overshot wheel at the southern end. Now it provides a well-lit creative space with work surfaces, books, easels, storage cabinets and a map chest. The walls are lined with finished paintings and works in progress.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I am principally a wildlife and landscape artist, so my inspiration is drawn from forays (mostly on foot) into the surrounding woods and fields and on nearby Woodall Loch. I use photographs, sketches and visual memory to capture the things I see. These eventually find their way into my work in the studio. I work mainly in oil at the moment, starting with a rough outline of the main features or idea, then working up gradually, using a biggish brush, wiping down and layering in colour, sometimes introducing texture with a knife or brush end. Occasionally I might incorporate a dried leaf or two or a seedhead where needed. I usually have several pieces on the go at any one time: some take many weeks of effort before I am satisfied, while others seem to reach fruition quite quickly. I have enjoyed experimenting lately with oil pastels, enjoying their immediacy. I also like producing simple lino-cuts , especially for illustrative work.

Tools & Materials

I work mainly with fluid good quality tubes of oil paint or oil pastels. Sometimes I use acrylics and for either medium I use canvas and primed boards as my base.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

There will be teas served in the garden and conservatory.




Blates Mill, Laurieston, Castle Douglas DG7 2NB


Parking Spaces: 5


There are three stone steps with a handrail leading up into the studio. Assistance can be given. Toilet in main house. Teas will be served in the conservatory.

Evening Openings

Friday / Saturday

Price Range

– £600

Contact Info

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