Sheena McCurrach

Painting & Drawing / Mixed Media / Printmaking • Pink Route • New in 2022

I been painting most of my life, either as a garden designer or as an artist. Nature has always provided the inspiration for my work, especially trees. They seem to to possess a special presence in the landscape. I work mainly in oil and pastel at present.

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My Practice

Most of my adult life has been spent in Scotland, firstly in the Highlands but latterly in Galloway returning home there once more after a brief sojourn in deepest mid-Wales.
Nature has always provided the inspiration for my work and I especially love painting trees, believing them to possess a special presence in the landscape. Each day I roam the landscape here, its lochs and reed beds rustling with the sound of wind and water. A backdrop of hills rise up towards the southern uplands, ancient tracks meandering through forest and field towards the high places and empty skies.

Inspiration abounds all around the cottage where we now live, beside Woodhall Loch. There are ancient ash trees around the cottage, silouetted in Winter against stormy skies. Sadly some are affected by ash-dieback and will eventually have to be felled, but new trees have been planted providing a good habitat for ducks , water birds and other creatures – and damp-loving wild flowers. The studio overlooks this quiet place.

Each day I bring something home from my walks, a leaf, a feather a lichened branch. I have an almost daily practise of recording these things and where they were found , sometimes along with a thought or two if so inspired, all in my sketch books, usually in watercolour or pencil. It is amazing how useful this resource is – and how inspirational.

All my work is an expression of the things I see, the light and the mood I was in, and how it made me feel. I am presently working on an illustrated book of short stories. Take a moment if you can to view my work carefully and see if you can glimpse the story therein.which , in time, will fill the gaps and the felled wood will provide fuel and winter warmth for many years to come. The skyline will change but there will always be trees here for shelter and shade. To the east of the cottage ,a brambly knoll erupts each spring with a carpet of bluebells, whilst below the old mill lade floods each Winter, its waters creeping through the ruins of the mill building,

Tools & Materials

My studio is a special place to me. It is an old stone building, probably once a grain store for the adjoining mill. Built into the lie of the ground, one side drops down towards the mill-lade, a few o-cuts on the press and hanging up the damp prints to dry. Here I keep many of my reference books.

The studio has a few comfy old chairs and is lined with shelves – and benches. I store all my paints and materials here, so it never looks that tidy, but I know where everything is – mostly! In cold weather, it is warmed by a simple stove, with a pipe that rises up through the ceiling. The dogs have their own place beside the fire when it’s lit – or in summer lie on the warm grass outside, keeping an eye on the place- and me !metres below, while the entrance is reached by ascending a few stone steps. There is a great sense of ‘entering in’ as you pass over the threshold. I have planted roses and honeysuckle around the door.

Examples of work
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Spring Fling Activity

Activities for visitors to the studio will include a treasure hunt in the garden and also stone painting sessions ! Teas and home-baking will be served in the garden – or in the conservatory if the weather is inclement. I hope to be working at the easel wherever possible.

Spring Fling Friends Offer

10 % reduction on sales for friends of Spring fling.

Studio 40


Blates Mill, Laurieston, Castle Douglas, DG7 2NB



The venue is approached via three stone steps so may be a problem to wheelchair users. However every assistance will be given to help gain access and some work will be on show in the garden where there is seating.

  • Stairs


  • Toilet
  • Family Friendly
  • Parking (4 spaces)
  • Credit/debit cards accepted
  • Open through the year by appointment

Visiting my studio

Masks should be worn indoors and social distancing will apply. I will try and have work on show in outdoor areas too . There are stone steps up to the studio entrance. Every assistance will be given to help physically impaired visitors to gain access. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the garden where seating is available to enjoy the views and flowers.

Evening Openings

Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat

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